Work at JetPay Payroll Services

Why work at JetPay Payroll Services?

JetPay HR & Payroll Services is a cutting edge company, growing and evolving while still maintaining our personal touch. Not only are we on a first name basis with most of our customers, but within our walls we boast some of the best employee retention stats in the industry. Apply for a position today!


Reasons to consider a career at JetPay HR & Payroll Services:


  1. The People. We run our entire business under one roof, so JetPay Payroll Services employees are adept at working as a team. Every employee understands the relationship between their responsibilities and those of their co-workers in other departments. Our customers benefit from our positive working relationships and our employees thrive knowing that their fellow coworkers respect and care for them.


  2. The Training. Many positions at HR & JetPay Payroll Services require extensive training. We invest in the required resources to equip our employees with the tools to succeed. Our employees earn top marks in knowledge, capability, and confidence.


  3. The Benefits. JetPay HR & Payroll Services employees rest easy knowing that we seek the best administrators and plans available for their medical and retirement benefits. Our generous PTO policy rivals that of other leading companies.


  4. The Security. Employees invest a lot of time in their careers, so they want to work for a company they believe in. Over the past 40 years, time and time again, JetPay HR & Payroll Services has proven its strength and solidarity. Our employees enjoy the security of today and look forward to continued growth and success in the future.


  5. The Customers. Because we put such an emphasis on customer satisfaction, many of our clients have been with us for decades. The relationships we have formed over the years are incredible. Working with customers, old and new, is the most rewarding part of our employees' jobs.

  6. The Product. JetPay HR & Payroll Services has earned national recognition in the areas of accuracy, reliability, prompt response, and reasonable fees. We are constantly monitoring the quality of our product and exploring new ways to achieve higher levels of service, efficiency and affordability. The pursuit of perfection is and will continue to be the way we do business every day.


If JetPay HR & Payroll Services sounds like the company for you, apply for a position today!